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Goc Technology, also known as Game of Charts is a team of seasoned Data Analysts with over ten years of combined experience. Their corporate standing is among India’s most significant companies emphasizing their role as innovators.

Their primary objective is to create cutting-edge AI-driven software solutions that can perfectly adapt to the complicated and ever-changing landscape of the Indian Stock Market. Let’s learn more about them in the article below.

Game of Charts Beginning

Goc Technologies began its journey with a bold goal: completely changing financial services by combining data and artificial intelligence. The company efficiently deals with all the financial markets, supported by the deep knowledge of their seasoned Data Analysts, who have a combined industry experience surpassing ten years.

Data professionals use this tool to look at older financial data. They create software applications (algorithms) that can detect hidden patterns and trends in these data. This allows them to calculate future shifts in the financial market and help you make better and more educated decisions.

GOC Technology and Indian Stock Market

 The Indian stock market, known for its dynamic nature, is a hub of companies, investors, and economic indicators. This complex structure shows the nation’s economic trends and behaviors. Understanding this, however, needs more than traditional research; it requires a data-driven strategy to understand how markets operate.

The AI technique provides valuable findings that go beyond surface-level measurements. Their data scientists find hidden trends and connections in data, providing investors as well as financial analysts with insight beyond the moment. This is especially important for the Goc technology bank nifty index and its associated investing strategies.

GOC Technology Pullers and Draggers

Pullers on the Indian stock market represent things that provide good momentum and growth. These factors increase stock values and lead to market growth. Positive economic data, favorable company earnings reports, industry developments, and opinions of investors supporting spending are all pullers.

Draggers, on the other hand, represent factors that cause stock values to fall and fluctuations in the market. Negative economic news, unfavorable company developments, and regulatory changes are some examples. Draggers cause temporary stock price falls and market corrections.

Goc technology pullers and draggers detect market ups and down to help you detect trends and investment possibilities as well as make educated risk control such as portfolio changes and trade timing.

GOC Technology pullers and draggers toolbox help investors and financial experts working in the Indian Stock Exchange to quickly adapt investment strategies, wisely manage resources, and confidently negotiate the complex terrain of India’s stock trading and marketing.

GOC Technology Website

On their website, you will find many resources and tools to help you with your stock market experience. On their Home page, you can sign up and register as a member to have everything at your disposal. The sign-up button is located at the top right corner of the website.

Similarly, you will have a Pullers/Draggers button. Here you will find live intraday goc technology nifty 50 analytics. It will show you a pie chart of the current date with data about Bank Nifty, or Fin Nifty as well.

These charts represent where the market is in favor of Pullers or Draggers and on scrolling down, you will find the list of companies in regard. Further moving down will let you explore the Trend graph with the green line as Pullers and the Red line as Draggers.

Other than that, there are also buttons for their YouTube channel and courses. Their YT Channel consists of helpful and informative videos on market trends as well as predictions. You will also find live streams with experts to answer your queries.

They have also launched their most awaited Game of Charts signature course by a very renowned expert ”GIRISH KHEMNANI” and it is called “The Trader’s Journey”. You can get instant access by subscribing to their course by paying a small fee.


Goc Technology is a platform to help you and market professionals with their stock market journey with the help of powerful algorithms and AI technology. They have pullers and draggers toolboxes to find market trends and courses to help you understand every bit and piece involved with the stock market. If you want to learn more about them and their website then read the article above.

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