What must students use when summarizing an informational text? Select 3 options.

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  1. a casual tone
  2. informal language
  3. academic language
  4. an objective, formal tone
  5. a variety of sentence type

Answer – Option (C) Academic language, Option (D) An objective, formal tone, and Option (E) A variety of sentence type

The correct options for the question “What must students use when summarizing an informational text? Select 3 options” are options (C), (D), and (E). Firstly, Academic language is one of the most important factors that a student should keep in mind. Using correct terminology and vocabulary can give the summary a very professional feel both conveying the concept and maintaining the student’s credibility. It also shows that the student is able to understand the idea behind the text and relay the information clearly.

Secondly, having an objective, formal tone when summarizing an information text shows that the summarized text is unbiased and contains no personal emotion. Students can add more professionalism to their summarized message and maintain the original perspective of the author and the text. Other than that, readers can be assured of the integrity of the content.

Lastly, if the student uses a variety of sentence types then the quality of the summarized text increases significantly. Using simple, complex, and compound sentences can add a layer of depth to make it easy for the reader to understand the context. Also, it helps reduce the monotone and make the text more engaging and captivating. If a student includes these techniques in their summary of information text then they can not only be professional-sounding but also convey the true message of the original text without making it difficult it boring for the reader.

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