When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first?

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(A) Treat all social media channels the same.

(B) Use popular phrases and memes for that area.

(C) Analyse platforms popular in that area.

(D) Not advertising at all, as other countries don’t like social advertising. 

Answer – Analyze platforms popular in that area

Analyzing platforms in that area is the right choice for “When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first”. This involves doing research to figure out which social media sites are popular and have a large user base in the market you are targeting. Other key steps to effectively look into social media networks for international growth are given below.

Important Steps for Analyzing Social Networks for International Growth

Market Research

The core component of every successful international growth is market research. It involves collecting data and perspectives about the preferences, habits, customs, and social media habits of the target market.

This stage helps you in understanding the new market’s specific challenges and potential. Once you have adequate knowledge and data to back it up, you can significantly expand your business without involving a lot of risks.

Identify Popular Platforms

Different nations or areas can pick different social media platforms. While Facebook could be the worldwide leader, certain areas could use platforms such as WeChat in China, VKontakte in Russia, or Line in Japan.

The study will show you which platforms your target audience spent the most time on. You can now put more money into the platform which has the best chance of reaching your target audience while still giving an adequate sum of money to others with lesser chances.

Platform Demographics

Each social media network appeals to a different audience. Instagram, for example, maybe more popular with younger users, but LinkedIn might have a more professional or business-oriented user base.

If your business is working on a large scale then you can even make personalized adverts to promote your business, so that international audiences have an easier time understanding who you are. Also, knowing these characteristics is important for making sure that you are reaching the right people.


Localization is the method of adjusting your social media material and communication to the target market’s language, culture, and social standards. This could involve translating postings, including local lingo or references, and planning stuff around local holidays and events. Find connections between your own country and your host country in order to speed up the acceptance process. 

Competitive Analysis and Content Strategy

Analyzing the competition’s social media outreach to your target market allows you to analyze their strategy and spot possible gaps. It allows you to define your brand and develop unique selling features to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Create a content plan targeted to each social media site according to your research and analysis. Consider the content types that work well on each platform, such as photographs, videos, and dynamic posts. Set the frequency of releasing and methods for interaction as well.

Interaction and Engagement

Establishing trust and relationships requires you to interact with your audience. Reply to comments, direct messages, as well as mentions as soon as possible. Encourage user-generated material and debates to build a feeling of community around your business. This will not only allow you to take feedback but also find the issue through criticism if you get any.

Monitor, Measure, and Stay Adaptable

Using analytics tools, track the performance of all your social media work on a regular basis. Metrics like as reach, engagement, click-through rates, or conversion rates must be monitored. These insights will help you in assessing the success of your plan and making data-driven changes.

Prepare to modify your social media approach in response to comments and statistics. Social media landscapes could change quickly, and what works in one area may not work as well in another. Flexibility is a must for international success.


Analyzing platforms popular in the area is the key “When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first”. If you want to learn about the steps with an in-depth explanation, refer to the answer above.

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